Owner/ Head Coach

I have been training people religiously for the best part of a decade now. It sounds cliche but training people really is my life. I am passionate about strength training, and believe that strength is the mother of all physical qualities. In the past few years I have been fortunate enough to work with lots of people wanting to become better, stronger, and fitter versions of themselves, and have managed to produce the desired outcome more often than not. I believe coaching is a team effort, and I need your input as much as you need mine. I am fortunate enough to work with some of the best strength athletes in the country, but love working with the every day Joe and Josie just as much, seeing people achieve their goals is what gets me going.





I am qualified sports therapist, which means that I understand that my client's fitness journey doesn’t stop in the gym. I bring a wealth of knowledge about Human anatomy, rehabilitation and sports therapy to the role and my clients. My dream is to not only help each of my clients in the gym but also to achieve a better quality of life.

My vision is to continue to gain more experience and knowledge, to the point where I am known as the best in my field, and an example to others as to what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. I am currently a student doing a degree in Sport Science, and after which I plan on getting a Master in physiotherapy.


My passion for fitness began from the age of 9 when I began my journey into the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, over the next 14 years I have competed all over the world and trained hundreds for men, women and children helping them achieve their goals. As a martial artist that has competed on an international level, I understand the dedication and time it takes to reach your potential. Recently I transitioned from martial arts to Olympic Weightlifting where I plan on setting new Scottish records in my bodyweight category.

I am PT level 3, British Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, Capoeira and Hatton Boxing coach, as well as a multitude of sporting accolades.



I have been involved in some form of sport from an early age – predominately hockey and fitness. During my time at University I was very active, being a member of the University hockey team as well as using the gym daily for stress relief, fitness and also to focus my mind on my degree. This passion for getting fitter and stronger continued when I moved back to Edinburgh and expressed my interest in becoming a PT. I am now a qualified level 3 PT instructor and regularly use the gym to increase my personal strength and fitness. In September last year I entered the National Fitness Games where I was delighted with my placing and have since entered a few more competitions – including Olympic weight lifting. I have just recently taken up Olympic weight lifting and have fallen in love with the sport. My ambition is to continually develop my skills within the sport as well as obtain my British weightlifting Level 1. My strengths are encouragement for my clients to achieve their goals by working with them to ensure that they are continuously on track. Nutrition is an important part of training and I am delighted to help my clients with this too. I will be taking classes in the gym and outside and am looking forward to welcoming many new clients either on an individual or group basis. 


Chrissy wylie

 Not a trainer...the gym mother and wife. Come to me with any questions or if you need a hug. I am the behind the one behind the scenes or on the floor with a hoover. I am an Interior Designer by trade I run the "business" side of the gym and customer services which I naturally fell into as the wife of the gaffer.

I am the go to for any questions regarding the gym. 


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